Door Frames: Essential Components of Home Construction

Skirting boards are an essential element of every interior décor. Not only do they improve the artistic worth of an area, but they also work as a safety shield between your wall surfaces and flooring surfaces. Skirting boards usually are not just a attractive characteristic, and thus, deciding on the best skirting board sorts and fashions can be an overpowering project. This comprehensive manual will elaborate on all you need to know about skirting boards.

Types of Skirting Boards

door frame architrave come in a wide range of components, including hardwood, MDF, Pvc material, and prepared MDF. Every type of skirting board does have its positives and negatives. Hardwood skirting boards are durable and strong, but they may be high-priced and challenging to mount. MDF skirting boards, on the other hand, are simple to cut and mount, making them well suited for DIY tasks. PVC skirting boards are relatively less expensive and they are humidity resistant for that reason, they are suitable for kitchen areas and bathrooms. Prepared MDF is a wonderful choice for all those trying to find a elegant and sturdy skirting board.

Skirting Board Styles

The level and width of your skirting board fluctuate based on the room’s design and walls height. Generally, skirting boards range from 50mm to 300mm in level and 10mm to 25mm in density. Higher skirting boards are perfect for great ceilinged areas, while smaller skirting boards go well with small areas. However, to accomplish regularity inside the house’s all round look and feel, it’s crucial to match the skirting board’s size across each of the rooms.

Skirting Board Profiles

Skirting boards may be found in various profiles, such as torus, ogee, ovolo, and bullnose information. The preferred skirting board user profile should go with the room’s total design. For example, a period-fashion place for instance a Victorian property might need an ogee-formed skirting board.

Installing of Skirting Boards

Skirting boards can be put in employing fingernails or toenails or adhesive. Installing skirting boards could be a DIY undertaking nevertheless, for the specialist and great accomplish, it is a good idea to work alongside an experienced carpenter. When setting up skirting boards, it is vital try using a spirit degree to make sure the perfect fit and positioning. Curly skirting boards can destroy the complete appearance of your space.

Maintenance and Restoring Skirting Boards

Skirting boards need very little servicing however, they could get messy or ruined over time. To clean skirting boards, work with a smooth fabric dipped in soap and water. Stay away from harsh resources or chemical compounds that can harm the skirting board area. When mending skirting boards, be sure that the restored portion matches the skirting board’s design and colour. Otherwise, the skirting board will be an eyesore.


Skirting boards might appear to be a small depth, nonetheless they significantly effect the general look and feel of your respective home’s indoor décor. Picking the right skirting board is vital to accomplish peace and balance in the appearance of a property. This informative guide has predicted gentle in the differing types, dimensions, information, installing, servicing, and restoration of skirting boards. With this particular information, you are able to select the proper skirting board for your house and keep it seeking immaculate.

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