Dr David Stager: Common Causes Of Strabismus In Adults

Strabismus is a condition in which both eyes are misaligned, causing double vision. This condition can be corrected with glasses or surgery and treated with eye drops. There are many causes of strabismus, including birth defects and brain injuries. For that, Dr David Stager will further discuss the common causes of strabismus among adults

Strabismus Is The Inability Of Both Eyes To Focus On A Single Point

Strabismus, commonly known as crossed eyes, is the inability of both eyes to focus together on a single point. It’s not a disease but rather a group of conditions that can be present from birth or develop later in life. Strabismus can be present in one eye or both eyes and may lead to double vision (diplopia).

The Cause Of Strabismus Often Cannot Be Determined For Certain

The cause of strabismus often cannot always be determined for certain, because there are multiple factors at play in the first place. The eye condition can be caused by a combination of genetic, environmental, or medical factors.

In some cases, the cause is known and can be identified with an eye exam or blood test. For example, a family history of strabismus suggests that you might have the same condition as your parents or siblings. This may mean the eye condition is inherited from one or both sides of your family tree (hereditary). Other than that, genetic mutations in certain genes can increase your risk of developing strabismus if you have them.

Strabismus Can Be Present From Birth Or Develops Shortly After Birth

In some cases, strabismus is present from birth or develops shortly after birth. This is known as congenital (meaning “born with”) strabismus. Congenital strabismus may be caused by malformations of the brain or eyes that cause them to misalign.

For example, when an eye turns inward, it’s technically called esotropia. And when an eye turns outward, then it’s called exotropia. But in some cases, your doctor will recommend surgery to correct your vision problems due to congenital strabismus.

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