Dr Mahmud Kara: Why You Should Take Care Of Your Kidneys

Kidneys are arguably the most important organs in your body. They filter your blood, producing urine that is excreted from your body through your urinary tract. Without healthy kidneys, you may experience fatigue, swelling, frequent urination, and more. For that, Dr Mahmud Kara will discuss why you should always take care of your kidneys.

Your Kidneys Cleanse And Filter Your Blood

Your kidneys are a pair of bean-shaped organs that cleanse and filter your blood. They regulate blood pressure, electrolytes, and hormones. The kidneys are also responsible for producing proteins that help keep bones strong and healthy, as well as excreting waste, minerals, and water from the body via urination.

When you’re young and healthy, it’s easy to take your kidneys for granted–they just do their job without asking for much in return. But when they don’t work properly anymore, your doctor may recommend medications, dietary changes, lifestyle modifications, or even dialysis or transplantation if necessary.

The Kidneys Are Responsible For Excreting Waste

Your kidneys are responsible for excreting waste, minerals, and water. They cleanse the blood by filtering out excess water and waste products while regulating electrolytes and minerals. The kidneys also produce hormones that help regulate blood pressure, blood volume, and red blood cell production. Each kidney has about 1 million tiny units called nephrons, which filter your blood to remove toxins from it before returning it into circulation.

Your Kidneys Work In Regulating Your Blood Pressure

Finally, your kidneys play an important role in regulating blood pressure, keeping electrolytes in balance, and sending hormones to the body. If they are damaged or diseased, the body cannot make enough of these hormones.

Kidneys help regulate blood pressure by removing excess fluid from your system, which lowers it. They also help keep electrolyte levels balanced by removing extra sodium from your bloodstream through urine production. This keeps you from retaining water or developing high blood pressure that can lead to stroke or heart disease if left untreated click here Dr Mahmud Kara.

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