Elegance in Geumjeong: Experience the Allure of Ruby Swedish

Did you ever hear in the Geumjeong Ruby Swedish? Otherwise, you happen to be set for a pleasure! This uncommon gemstone is amongst the world’s most breathtaking and beneficial. It is renowned for its beautiful red-colored shade and different properties making it stand out from other gems. Within this blog post, we will discover everything you need to know of the Geumjeong Ruby Swedish, such as its background, features, and where to locate it.

Geumjeong Ruby Swedish: The Story

The Geumjeong Swedish (금정 스웨디시) was initially uncovered in 1961 by a geologist referred to as Dr. Playground Chul. The gem stone was found in the Geumjeong Hill area of Southern Korea, therefore its name. The ruby was later known as a variety of corundum with chromium as its colouring element. This amazing blend affords the gem stone its signature red shade.

Features of Geumjeong Ruby Swedish

Probably the most stunning features of the Geumjeong Ruby Swedish is its deep red-colored colour. The gemstone carries a rich sculpt that varieties from pinkish-red to purplish-red-colored depending on the illumination problems. Yet another noteworthy feature is its high refractive list, that gives it excellent splendour and twinkle.

Where to Find Geumjeong Ruby Swedish

The vast majority of Geumjeong Ruby Swedishes are located in Southern Korea, especially in the Geumjeong Mountain area where they were initial identified. Even so, there were some discoveries in other areas on the planet like Russian federation, Madagascar, and Tanzania. These stones are usually smaller than those present in South Korea yet still have got related features.

Uses for Geumjeong Ruby Swedish

Because of the scarcity and beauty, Geumjeong Ruby Swedishes are often found in higher-conclusion jewelry parts like rings, necklaces, and jewelry. Also, they are preferred among gem stone hobbyists due to their distinctive qualities and constrained access.


In quick, the Geumjeong Ruby Swedish can be a truly amazing gemstone containing taken the interest of countless individuals around the globe. Its dazzling coloration, great refractive list, and rarity make it a highly sought-after-after natural stone among jewelers and collectors alike. If you are lucky enough to stumbled upon a Geumjeong Ruby Swedish, you will certainly be in property of your accurate jewel of tranquility.