Joy Rodak: Some Signs That You Need To Get An Occupational Therapy

Occupational therapy is an important part of your recovery if you have recently undergone surgery or suffered a serious injury. It can also be helpful after many other types of illnesses and injuries, such as those affecting your muscles, joints, or tendons.

So if you’re having trouble with balance, self-care skills, or completing tasks efficiently, Joy Rodak states that you may benefit from occupational therapy services.

If You Have Some Intense Pain In Your Joints, Muscles, Or Tendons

In occupational therapy, you tend to learn to listen to this signal and work out what it means for your lives. If a patient says they have pain in their shoulder when reaching outwards with their arms, then this could be an indication that there is something wrong with the way they are sitting at work, or perhaps even due to poor posture over many years.

So if someone has had an injury such as a broken leg which resulted in surgery then this can often cause long-term issues such as stiffness around joints (e.g., knees), muscle tightness leading up towards the joint area from where surgery was performed (e.g., hamstrings).

These problems may not be noticed until years later when trying new activities like running, for example. However, these changes can often cause further physical problems if left untreated.

If You Have Difficulty With Self-Care Skills

Joy Rodak Self-care skills are important for maintaining your health and independence. They include the ability to dress (including putting on shoes), groom yourself (shaving, putting on make-up), bathe and wash your hair, feed yourself (eating with utensils), and use the toilet independently.

For that matter, if someone else is helping you with these tasks because they think that it’s too difficult for them or because they don’t want their loved one to feel embarrassed about not being able to do them independently anymore – then it might be time to talk about occupational therapy!

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