MDF Magic: Elevate Your Walls with Panel Strips

Are you looking to change your living space right into a stylish and modern location? If you have, then think about upgrading your wall space with Mdf strips for panelling. These pieces are made of Medium sized-solidity fibreboard (MDF), and that is a versatile and strong materials which can be reduce and molded into various designs and styles. Wall surface panelling is an excellent approach to give any space a unique and textured appearance although adding an part of elegance and magnificence. In this blog post, we will explore what mdf strips walls panelling is, some popular designs, the benefits, and the way to install them.

Precisely what is MDF strip wall panelling?

Mdf strips wall structure panelling is a form of indoor panelling utilized to embellish and increase surfaces. It is manufactured out of MDF, a composite substance made of hardwood fibres which have been compressed under high pressure and temp, creating a sleek and toned surface. The pieces are available in various widths, lengths, and designs. The panelling can be installed horizontally or up and down, based on the ideal style and layout.

Well-liked MDF strip wall structure panelling styles

There are numerous varieties of MDF strip wall structure panelling models, from basic and timeless to elaborate and intricately detailed styles.

Shaker Type: The Shaker fashion is actually a preferred and classic layout that includes basic, nice and clean lines and gentle curves.

Classic Panels: Standard solar panels tend to be square or rectangle-designed and may be arranged in the one particular, two, or three-board settings.

Geometric Panels: Geometric solar panels are created with additional elaborate styles and styles, for example gemstones, triangles, and hexagons.

3D Walls Sections: 3D walls individual panels really are a special and modern style that brings texture and range to your rooms.

Benefits of MDF strip wall surface panelling

MDF strip wall structure solar panels have a variety of advantages, including:

Tough: MDF can be a robust and long-long lasting materials that can withstand scrapes and dings in comparison to drywall or plasterboard.

Lower servicing: Mdf strips wall surface panelling requires less upkeep than painted or wallpapered types of surface.

Insulation: Mdf strips wall surface panelling improves insulation and minimises disturbance as well as heat transfer.

Reasonably priced: Mdf strips walls panelling is an reasonably priced option to conventional walls surface finishes and treatment options.

How to put in MDF strip wall surface panelling

MDF strip wall surface panelling is fairly easy to set up and can be carried out like a DIY task with the appropriate tools and equipment. Listed below are the steps associated with the installation of MDF strip walls panelling:

Evaluate and label the walls: Determine the span and breadth in the wall area you want to include, tag them, and after that plan your MDF strip style according to the dimensions.

Put together the walls: Eliminate any wallpaper, outdated paint or other wall films, and clean the wall surface to create a smooth area.

Resolve the stiles: Mount the top to bottom stiles initial and fix them on the wall employing adhesive and/or screws. Leave a gap of around 20mm between each stile.

Correct the rails: Set up the horizontal rails and fix these people to the stiles utilizing adhesive and screws.

Set up the pieces: Minimize the Mdf strips to dimension by using a saw and connect them to the rails and stiles employing fasten or sticky. Finish off by sanding and artwork the types of surface and securing the sides.


MDF strip wall structure panelling is a classy, inexpensive, and functional strategy to improve your liveable space. With various patterns, types, and surface finishes offered, you can actually customize and boost your surfaces to suit your preferred look and feel. Whether you would like to create a timeless and classic appear or even a modern day and streamlined design and style, MDF strip walls panelling is actually a functional and sturdy answer that could enhance your wall space in a work of art. Try it out today and experience the attractiveness and functionality it brings to your living space.

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