Sewer Clocks Unveiled: A Unique Collection from MyApofraxeis

Have you ever seriously considered things that are hiding beneath our ft .? The sewer method is amongst the most important areas of any metropolis, but it is some thing we often take for granted. Properly, not any longer! MyApofraxeis has launched a distinctive collection of sewer timepieces which will modify how you think about this underground system. Within this blog post, we’ll take a closer inspection at these interesting timepieces and explore the thing that makes them stand out.

The initial thing you will discover about these timepieces is the unusual style. As an alternative to BLOCKAGES ATHENS AND ATTICA (ΑΠΟΦΡΑΞΕΙΣ ΑΘΗΝΑ ΚΑΙ ΑΤΤΙΚΗ) standard time clock faces, they have intricate depictions of the sewer system. You’ll see anything from piping and valves to manholes and grates. Some clocks even have small figurines of employees cleaning up or restoring the sewers. It is very clear that a majority of focus journeyed into all the information.

But what really packages these timepieces apart could be the features. They are not just elaborate pieces – they’re fully operational timepieces that keep correct time. And because they are produced from substantial-high quality supplies like stainless and brass, they are incredibly long lasting way too.

Each and every clock in MyApofraxeis’ assortment is exclusive, using its very own distinctive fashion and has. Some have multiple confronts, while others have built in thermometers or hygrometers. You will even find clocks that combine reused supplies from true sewer solutions!

Something each one of these clocks share could be the capability to ignite discussion. No matter if you’re a plumber or a fan of business style, you’ll discover something to admire in this assortment. These clocks are actually excellent presents for anyone who appreciates exclusive decor in your home or has a desire for city system.


To summarize, MyApofraxeis’ collection of sewer timepieces is definitely 1-of-a-type. Making use of their focus on details and features, they are more than simply novelty things – they’re functions of craft. If you’re looking for a dialogue beginner that’s both useful and visually spectacular, these clocks are definitely worthy of looking into. Who recognized the sewer program might be so interesting? Due to MyApofraxeis, we currently possess a new gratitude with this essential system.